Initiative Ireland was established to deliver positive social, environmental and economic change through financial innovation, ESG investment and technology.

As a values-based company, we are working to tackle urgent unmet social needs and challenges like homelessness, climate change and access to life-stage housing and healthcare. We're doing this because we understand that only by servicing our communities, we can create lasting value for all. It's also core to who we are as a values-based company.  


  1. Homes - We have developed new funding solutions to support experienced developers and approved housing bodies alike, to increase the shortfall in social and affordable housing supply. 
  2. Health - We also finance the delivery of specialist housing to meet healthcare needs working with AHBs.
  3. Habitat - We have exclusively focussed on the delivery of new energy-efficient  homes since we began, helping to address fuel poverty for financially vulnerable families but also materially reducing the carbon footprint of housed families. 
  4. Inclusion - Our Impact Investor Community promotes equality of opportunity amongst clients, helping to promote financial inclusion. Through our work with Credit Unions, we are also helping to strengthen their ability to manage over €7bn in community funds.  

Over the comings years we will build upon our products and services further, through new partnerships, maintaining our focus on the areas of Homes, Health, Habitat and Inclusion to build lasting value.  



    Each year Initiative Ireland produces our Free Housing Report to help increase awareness of and promote an open dialogue regarding the Irish Housing Market.

    We believe a better understanding of the market is needed by all, to help promote sustainable practices and help tackle the housing crisis.

    As we grow, we aim to expand this service to become an ethical thought leader in the areas of Homes, Health and Habitat. 


      As a signatory of the UN Principles of Responsible Investing, we consider the environmental and social impact of all of our loans, investments and of our company and promote sustainable governance practices.

      Through our Impact Investor Community we are also promoting financial inclusion, empowering private investors, businesses and funds to deliver ESG Impact.

      ESG Principles are central to who we are as a company, as we work to be honest, fair and inclusive.