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Conservative Lending

At Initiative Ireland  we finance the construction of small, medium or larger private residential developments with a focus on housing that is accessible to the mass market, at realisable sale prices as well as social housing schemes. We believe this focus delivers the greatest social and environmental impact but also offers the more resilience for investors compared to high-cost housing or other more speculative types of lending.

What is Secured Lending?

This means loans which are not only subject to a loan agreement, but where there is also a charge over a specific asset provided as collateral on a loan. Typical examples are mortgage loans or car loans. At Initiative Ireland we provide property finance only where we can take a 1st legal charge over the underlying property, held in trust, on behalf of our lenders, just like a Bank would for your mortgage. This provides collateral or security if the borrower is unable to repay the loan.



Senior Lending means in order of repayment, aa lender must be repaid before the developer or any other investors. Normally if you invest or lend to a business and something goes wrong, you may find yourself in a long queue of people waiting to be repaid. With Senior Secured Property Lending, we have first right over the property value. This means we can instruct the sale of the property to repay the loan is needed and will have first right of redemption from the sale proceeds.


Why We Lend...

Positive Social Impact.... at Initiative Ireland, delivering positive social impact is at the heart of what we do and why we do it. We assess all opportunities to ensure they deliver a positive societal and environmental impact, are sustainable and offer security and downside protection. That is why we offer financially inclusive products, like our Secured Lending Accounts to our lenders, and affordable development finance to our trusted borrowers.

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Case Study: North Strand, D1

We are proud to support private, social and affordable residential housing projects across Ireland. As Ireland's largest peer-to-peer Secured Lending Platform, we have supported over €50m in developments to date and we have secured exclusive funding partnerships with global leaders.

North Strand Five Lamps, located in the heart of Dublin was one of our first loans financed through the platform. A project aimed at delivering 11 Social Housing Units suitable for elderly occupants, it also includes a ground floor cafe, providing additional amenities for this established city centre community.

A secured loan of €1,500,000 was provided in December 2017 to finance and commence the project and this was repaid in full by September 2018, ahead of schedule. In addition to delivering additional social housing and amenities to the local community, the development has delivered great returns to our lenders in return for their committed funds, which were at all times secured with a first legal charge over the property.

As a Passive build, the build offers a household carbon footprint reduction of up to 20% per family and provides warm and fit for purpose housing to a vulnerable segment of our community.


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