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With an Advisor Account from Initiative Ireland, you can provide your clients with smarter, secure ESG & Impact Investment opportunities, that offers real returns of 5% to 8% APR and real collateral security. You can also manage all of your clients through our platform, providing you with 24/7 access and full transparency of client assets. 

If you are a professional service provider such as a broker, accountant trustee or financial advisor, you can join our Advisor Program as to offer your clients a:

  • Pension Lending Account
  • Corporate Lending Account

With a Secured Lending Account from Initiative Ireland, your clients have 24/7 access to review, select and commit funds to pre-approved housing development loans across Ireland. All loans listed have been carefully assessed by our experienced credit committee and also pre-approved by one of our Corporate Credit Partners, who lends alongside your clients. 

With our new Advisor Accounts you can also even track or manage your client's loans, making reporting and monitoring easier than ever.


Advisor Testimonial

"It has been a pleasure working with Initiative Ireland's highly experienced Team... It is rare to encounter such an innovative product that delivers diversification, security & returns for our clients as well as providing a positive social impact."

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How to Join our Advisor Community

STEP 1. Join Our Advisor Program

If you are a financial advisor, broker, solicitor or accountant, you can refer your clients to offer them access to institutional quality, senior, secured loans. As a trusted service partner, you also earn ongoing commission. If you are a financial advisor, we can also refer clients to you, as part of our trusted offering. 

  1. Schedule an Introductory Call
  2. Sign-Up to our Introducer Terms
  3. Open your Advisor Account


STEP 2. Open an Advisor Account

With an Advisor Account, you can setup clients and manage their investments online, or simply monitor their activity, letting them manage their accounts directly. Either way, the system is designed to make it easier than ever to access this exclusive asset class. Our team is also here to help you.  

  1. Invite clients or apply for them
  2. Clients verify their application online
  3. You / clients can login to see new listings 
  4. Lodge funds and lend with ease

Specialist Skills & Services

Secured Impact Lending 

Clients can co-fund new housing loans and earn a Great Return with a Secured Lending Account from Initiative Ireland. If eligible they can choose from a:

  • Corporate Lending Account
  • Pension Lending Account
Lending Accounts
Development Finance

Build a lasting relationship with Initiative Ireland and discover honest, fair and flexible finance for your property development clients:

  • Loan from €500k - €10m
  • Terms from 3 - 24 Months
  • Quick, Flexible & Fair Terms
Secured Loans
Loan Management

Institutional clients can access our local expertise to source and manage their local property lending portfolio. Our Advisory Services are open to:

  • Debt Origination Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Institutions
Investment Advisory
Advisor Accounts

Providing your clients with access to an exclusive asset class . Our Partnership Program and Wealth Network already includes:

  • Qualified Financial Advisors
  • Professional Brokers
  • International Agents
Advisor Accounts

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